• Silver and garments with metallic applications will be very fashionable.



  • Garments with extra long fringes and bright red will also be very fashionable, to give color to your looks.




  • Short colored cardigans, the favorite garment of influencers and celebrities, will be very popular in the first positions.




  • It will be very fashionable and trendy, the balloon sleeves are very elegant and feminine and it will be one of the looks that we will see more this fall.




  • Dresses with a gothic style, wide cut and black tone, a different style and a strong bet this season.




  • Extra wide casual style pants that enter this fall as the king of top garments.




  • The coat will be number one in trend and you can combine it with any look you wear and on any occasion. It will be the most sublime garment of the moment.




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